Saturday, December 8, 2012

Lover's Beach at Cabo San Lucas

Our LDS single's group headed for the Splendor Lobby dance floor where Oscar played an electric guitar and sung magical classics - the kind where you can dance a jitterbug (now called the western swing) or hip swinging cha cha, a sexy samba, foxtrot, waltz, or a snuggly close two step. Sandy was captured by Dennis right away; he was besotted and kept all of us laughing. 

A six-foot-tall Wyoming cowboy called Mick whirled me around the dance floor to a jitterbug and I didn't get a migraine. I was ecstatic!  Hank with twinkling blue eyes meandered my way and danced with me off and on most of the evening. We danced until the music quit - about 1:30 AM.

The next morning the four of us (Sandy, blue-eyed Hank, funny Dennis and I sped ashore in a small craft. 
Cabo San Lucas at a first glance.

Senor Frog greeted us at Cabo. I bought a box of cough drops called Limon Vick from a drug store.  Not Vicks but Vick!  Later that evening Sandy and I got the giggles like two teenagers over Vick.

Sandy my roommate next to a plastic burro

Dennis and Sandy, Hank and I hired a glass bottom boat for a tour of the famous rocks at Cabo.  On the other side of these rocks lies the Pacific Ocean which has rip tides (extremely dangerous). On this side is the Sea of Cortez.

We were dropped off at Lover's beach for two hours while Dennis went to meet a friend at a hotel. (My first thought was, how the heck am I ever going to get back into the boat?) That made a three-some to our party - two of us held towels up next to an indent in the rock to change into our swimsuits.  Hank was a gentleman and held his while standing with his back to us. The Sea of Cortez was wonderful to swim through.  I swam with my head out of the water - it was my first ocean swim.

Hank went right out and swam off. I was knocked down on my rear by the 2nd wave. Waves kept coming in and spinning me around. It took 15 minutes to get up so the second time I walked right out into a deep drop off.  I thought I was doing my deep water aerobics because I was bobbing around like a cork with each wave coming at me.  I think that the ocean salt pickled me because a few days later, my ankels were so swollen that they disappeared.

Lover's beach
Famous photo shot at Cabo


Jane and Chris said...

That beach is incredibly beautiful,but I can see the waves look powerful.
Jane x

Jo said...

It looks fabulous, and it certainly sounds like you had a wonderful time.

Ginny said...

Oh my goodness, these last two shots are amazing! And the people all look dwarfed with those huge rocks over them. I see you are making the most of every single minute!

Lyn said...

Wow what a wonderful looking beach, lucky you!

Chatty Crone said...

First of all let me say you are a courageous woman - think I said that before. Now when did you go here? It is beautiful there. The water so blue. Very nice. sandie

NanaDiana said...

Ruth- It sounds like you had a fabulous time. What fun you had. I am so happy that you were able to experience it. There is nothing to describe what swimming in the ocean is like that first time! xo Diana

Anne said...

Hi Ruth, I am just catching up with my blog reading. Looks as if you are having a wonderful time and I'm intrigued to know more about your adonis!

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