Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Day Trippin

Moon over Las Vegas, Nevada

 The van picked me up at my home at 9 AM.  Five of the people on the van asked to use my bathroom. It is only a 30 minute drive to downtown Salt Lake City from my place so I must say we women have weak bladders.  Annette was going to be my roommate but she got married two weeks before we left but they loved my earring display on my piano and Annette bought a pair. 

We were moving right along and making blue-ribbon time on the road until we got to Las Vegas. They had increased the speed limit in southern Utah to 80 (I was ecstatic!). The traffic the worst I have ever seen from Vegas to San Bernardino, California. No one thought that all of California would spend their Thanksgiving weekend in Las Vegas but there they were.  It took us an extra 2 hours because of traffic. Going in a van seemed like a great idea and gave me a chance to get to know some of our Utah LDS singles group but I think if there is a next time, I will fly!

Bird of Paradise in California. 


Shopgirl said...

When I lived in Cypress California we had Birds of Paradise in our front yard. So many miles, so many people. But you had fun...Love, Mary

Ginny said...

I am anticipating, and the Bird Of Paradise plant is beautiful!

Paulette said...

An the story of your journey begins, looking forward to all of the details of your fabulous trip, and seeing many more photos.

Sweet Old Vintage said...

Hi Ruth.. I was referring to the crystal hand tied sprays I had a couple pics on... On the mirror it is hand tied wire..silk little spring of evergreen and little crystal I cycles and glass bulbs and the pic with the roses it is just crystals on a hand tied spray... I was just relating in floral terms without thinking... sorry to be co fusing.. Hope your preparations for the blessed holiday are going along smoothly..mThey will if we use wisdom and do not allow ourself to get all caught up in the other stuff... It should've be a problems if we taught our children all along the real reasons for the season...We enjoyed homes all decorated for the season on our trip home from the basketball game... Some homes are magical and some homes remind me of Scrooges.LOL

NanaDiana said...

Aren't you glad you cleaned your bathroom before you had to loan it out?;>) Too bad about the traffic- that is miserable. xo Diana

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