Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Critters in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

I am not sure why but the ship moved out into the Pacific overnight and then back into Cabo bay area the next morning.  A little jungle creature was hanging from the rafters when we got back on the ship.
My two favorite towel creations were the monkey and the elephant but then there was the frog which took me 15 minutes to figure out just what critter it was.
Hank and I

Today was our dune buggy ride and Hank decided to join me, Sandy and Dennis. We headed north driving through Cabo and out onto a four lane highway. About 30 minutes later, we came to the dunes.  I pictured a four seater with a professional driver.  What we got was a two seater and I had to drive because Hank had done a face plant off a bicycle in Florida before he joined our cruise in Mexico so he was unable to use his arms. 

Here's the contest - who looks the most scared of the parrot?
The parrot plucks a sunflower seed from your lips.
Frank was scared that the parrot would pluck out his eyes.

Sandy was scared spit less.
Dennis looks like he was kissing the parrot.
I was so scared I nearly had an accident.

Did you notice that the first thing the guys did was put their bandana on their heads? Why? Is that a guy thing?


Jo said...

It looks like you've had so much fun on this holiday. You wouldn't have got me to let a parrot anywhere near my face. When I was a child I was feeding one when it bit my finger and wouldn't let go. My mum had to tap it on the head to make it open it's beak and I ended up having to have a tetanus injection as it drew blood. I've still got a scar.

Paulette said...

Just like Jo I would not have gotten that close to that bird! Love the photo of you and the bird.

Anne said...

Ruth it looks as if you are having a whale of a time there! I can understand why too!

Ginny said...

Sandy looks the most scared, you look the least. LOVE the towel critter!

Chatty Crone said...

That towel critter - I have never seen anything like that before. I would be scared to kiss that bird. sandie

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