Friday, December 7, 2012

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

After waiting through line after line to board The Splendor, my new roommate and I finally found our room, dropped our carryon bags and headed for lunch - we were starving. We were not about to wait for our luggage!

I grabbed a tray and a plate and we were gazing at all the food deciding where to start first. I was walking west and another woman was headed east when she clipped my elbow making the tray tip which sent my plate sailing five feet away from me crashing into a million pieces.  Well, I christened our ship!  Dead silence greeted me as dozens of people looked my way and  I turned a neon pink.  

Sandy and I finally sat down with plates full of amazing looking food and settled down to a feast.  I wanted some butter and she wanted some milk so I told her I would fetch it.  Let's just say that I was a walking disaster that day. I reached back behind a couple of cravats made of pottery and as I brought the milk forward it tipped one of them over and again, crash! Two inches of the top broke right off.

Our LDS singles group from Salt Lake City were all ballroom dancers so every night we met where there was live music and danced our little toes right off. I was ecstatic because dancing is my number one love. Hank was from Long Island, New York and was still grieving from losing his wife 18 months ago but he loved to dance. He ate at our 8:30 dinner setting (anguish and dread eating that late for me). He kept watching me and I saw a little twinkle in his eye like Paul Newman had and I watched right back (brazen, I was!) 

Our first sunset that we noticed.
Most of the time we were too busy to notice.

Joining Liv Lane's little bliss Friday. It is blissful remembering my week in Mexico.


Paulette said...

Looking forward to more details of a ship romance.

Jane and Chris said...

You are a tease, leaving us hanging like that!!
Jane x

Ginny said...

I have heard how beautiful the sunsets are at sea and now you are showing me proof! Gosh, you sound almost as clumsy as me! For sure a vacation you will never forget already!

Chatty Crone said...

Oh I see my friend Ginny here - isn't she sweet?

And I love how you are able to laugh at yourself.

I spill a lot too - usually on my self.

Love that you travel with a friend and you just go girl.

ANd i love that beautiful sunset.


Jo said...

Do I detect romance in the air?

Tori Beveridge said...

Oh my what a way to start your vacation. It sounds like it just gets better from there.. sunsets, waves, dancing and a dash of being brazen. What fun!

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