Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Valdez 2

Mom and I boarded the Alaskan ferry at Whittier, Alaska. 
It was a two-day trip from Whittier with a stop at Valdez 
then off to Cordova (round trip style). 

The ferry was small but large enough to carry
vehicles. We stayed in a tiny hallway room
with double bunks and a bathroom. 
The room didn't really matter because
we spent our time on deck looking
at mountains, glaciers and wild life.
I was in total awe at the wondrous scenes
that abound in Prince William Sound. 
It was mesmerizing to see
 Dolphins, a school of Black and White Whales, sea
otters and other schools of fish. 

As we neared Valdez, I found myself talking to
 a talk dark stranger (I couldn't resist that one) next to me. 
He was taller than me and not bad looking either.
I told him that mom and I had no way to see Valdez
because we were afoot. He promptly made
a deal with me that I could not refuse. He
had more than one vehicle to drive off the
ferry and if I drove his pickup truck off
for him, we could drive it around
Valdez. What a deal! That is
what we did, I drove his truck and
later we left it where he could retrieve it.

We did not get off at Cordova because the
ferry was returning pronto so we only saw
Cordova from the deck.


Paulette said...

Another wonderful adventure with lovely memories that you will always have with you. Did you ever hear from the tall dark stranger again?

Ginny said...

This must have been so much fun!! All my friends tell me how wonderful cruises are, and one of them goes on a cruise every year. I have never been on one.

Anne said...

I am quite scared at the thought of cruises, the thought of being on water albeit in a massive ship and no land in sight leaves me petrified.I would love to see the whales though, we have talked about going to Boston as part of our New England in the fall trip (not this year plenty of saving to do first!)and I think you can get a boat trip to go whale watching there.I would have to steel myself to do it!

pembrokeshire lass said...

What a wonderful trip and wonderful man! Great memories I should think! Joan

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

Loved your photos!!

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful story, Ruth. Can you imagine anyone in this day and age offering to let you drive their car around if you just met them? You must have been loaded with charm! xo Diana

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