Sunday, May 13, 2012

A Tribute to My Mother

A toddler

A teen

A beautiful young woman

I never knew that my mom was popular.
I knew that she had a gorgeous smile,
an outgoing personality and had
umpteen friends.

She's been gone now for 20 years; 
 we lost her to colon cancer that vicious silent
killer that sneaks in without you knowing.

Oh how the years fly by. One lonely day
I looked through her college yearbooks and
was I surprised to find tidbits
about mom that I never knew before.

From her autobiography she wrote,
"I graduated from Albion State Normal School
 with a two-year teaching certificate as a primary
 specialist and music minor. 
I was part of the Little Theatre group
 and was in “The Burglar”. 
I belonged to Rho Sigma Phi 2, Art Club 2,
 WAA (Women’s Athletic Association) 
and Mu Omega Omicron 1-2. 
There were only two people from Elba in 1939;
 I was one and Bessie Darrington was the other." 


NanaDiana said...

Ruth- What a wonderful tribute to your Mom. What a gorgeous woman she was- inside AND out! Blessings to you this Mother's Day-xo Diana

Jo said...

What a lovely tribute, Ruth. She was a beautiful woman. I've suffered from colon cancer myself, I was one of the lucky ones.

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