Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Two Prizes in One Month

I won, I am ecstatic! I have not won anything for eons and just
this month I won two adorable prizes from
two extraordinary bloggers.

I want to thank Sandy, such a sweet lovely lady from Quill Cottage for sending me the divine unique wall hanging.  I especially like the miniature vase full of roses attached on the side. Artistic and talented I am not. She has an incredible way with words that just move you so I am under her spell. Her blog is one of the top contenders on my Wow blogs.

I am trying to improve my childlike writing to become a more descriptive writer. Over the years because I worked for a manufacturing plant which wanted to me write at 8th grade level and certainly not add any descriptives for the factory workers, it just stayed with me. It was push the red button, pull the lever down and .....    Now it takes a lot of practice and thinking for any creativity and feeling.


Paulette said...

I noticed the change in your writing and even giggled when I read ripsnorter in your last post. I like your new style! Congratulations on winning that fabulous wall hanging.

NanaDiana said...

Your style is improving all the time, Ruth! I love to come here and read what you write about. Congrats on the win...that is just a beautiful piece. xo Diana

Jo said...

What a wonderful wallhanging. I too love the little vase of roses.

Susan said...

Hello Ruth: Want to thank you for visiting my blog today and for commenting, too. Loved that you visited. Please stop by any time.

Congratulations on your wins! Susan

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