Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Alaskan Art

During my single days in
Alaska, I did not have much money to
spend on art but I did get two
tiny gold pans which had were
painted by a local artist with the northern lights
and a lonely cabin by the

During the State Fair at Palmer,
Alaska, there was a very talented artist who
painted the four seasons of Alaska - one in
each corner on the canvas; 
it was the most spectacular
work of art that I ever saw while living
in Alaska.

My little souvenir from Circle, Alaska
is a handmade piece that tugs at my
heart every time I gaze upon it.

My owl obsession probably began
with this inexpensive piece of


Rosie said...

The paintings on the gold pans are spectacular and I love the painting of the little owls, what lovely souvenirs to keep and treasure:)

Jo said...

Yes, the owls are very cute. Lovely souvenirs from your time in Alaska.

Cranberry Morning said...

How beautiful! I especially love the blue one and those Northern Lights. When I was a kid, we saw Northern Lights a lot. Now, it's a rare occasion.

Paulette said...

Very pretty paints on the pans, great souvenirs.

Susan said...

Hi Ruth! Loved those painted bowls. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my beloved blog. Oh! Is that lamp in your header from the Denver Museum of Art? I posted on that lamp (or a drop dead replica) in December, after returning home from a trip to Denver. It's wild, isn't it? take care and have a great day. Susan

Susan said...

p.s. Hi Ruth! Was so surprised your lamp shot wasn't from the Denver Art Museum. Maybe the artist has lights in different states in the USA. Check out my post and then you'll understand why I thought it was the same lamp. Thanks for the clarification of where you took the photo. Susan

NanaDiana said...

Ruth- Your paintings are wonderful. I am so glad that you spent the money to get them...because look at all the years they have brought you joy. And...I love your little owls, too! xo Diana

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