Thursday, November 3, 2011

Victorian Photos

This photo is one of my favorites - you can just imagine how people would feel in this day and age with two toddlers holding rifles. I am sure that the Heath twins were given unloaded rifles and little Max, he carried the flag - sorta.

I would love to know what colors they were wearing but color photos had not been invented as yet but they did use an artist to colorized photos.

This was Merlin, Edwin and Dee Heath in sepia - no one was ever allowed to smile. I actually detect a frown on Dee.  What was he thinking? "How the duce did I ever get roped into this?"

Helen Edwards - how stately she looks.  At this young age, she was a school teacher. I knew her when she was 75 years old - she was my great aunt who lived next door to me and I thought she was snoopy.  She was a genealogist and how I now admire her for all the work she did on our family lines. I was right, genealogists are snoopy!


Paulette said...

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Scarlett said...

I adore these old photos, the best ones are defo the males who dont smile - some of them ive seen look postively sinister :O) Scarlett x

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