Monday, November 7, 2011

Art Work of a Sort

Bridge art? I can see a sheep in a pen, a cow, a tractor and I think a bucket of potatoes but I haven't the foggiest what the top piece of machinery is supposed to be.

The best art work was during the Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Arches National Park painted on a van with the capitol of Utah in the hole.
The torch was carried through out little town.

Skier covered the entire side of a building downtown Salt Lake City.

Ice skater on the side of a building across from the LDS temple - the temple is the one with the Angel Moroni in Gold on one of the spires.
Chihuly and his magic glass works- the sun and the moon.

Giant glass tulips.


Paulette said...

Did you attend any of the Olympic events while it was hosed in Salt Lake? You were able to see some really cool art work. I love Dale Chihuly and his fabulous pieces.

Cranberry Morning said...

Oh great, now you have me obsessing over that top thing in the first photo. lol Be sure to let me know if you find out what it is. By the way, the rolling pin sock is a real life saver, for if there's the least bit of flour on it, your pie crust won't stick. Anyone who makes pies knows that there's nothing more annoying than trying to roll out a crust and having it cling to the rolling pin! Grrr. Thanks for commenting. :-) I'm your newest follower.

Ruth Kelly said...

I forgot to mention that the year was 2002 and my daughter and I attended the Chihuly Exibit for free as well as a concert in the evening after watching the winners receive metals. My friend from Alaska came with her daughter and stayed at my house and they gave us free tickets.

I still have no idea what the top thing is in the cement art - perhaps some old way of farming.

Mimi and Tilly said...

The giant glass tulips are stunning! I love large out door art exhibits. We have a huge metal clown on the seafront near where I live and he never fails to make me smile when I drive past even though he has received mixed reviews locally!

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