Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before I was Born

Violet Bennett, circa 1909
Violet Bennett - my great Aunt's daughter.  She was a pretty little girl with golden ringlets hanging close to her face. Don't you just love her winter coat with a muff, leggings and a horn of plenty hat!

She married and had one son and two daughters but she was taken home to her Heavenly Father in the prime of her life at age 40. It makes me wonder why some people are taken early in this life and whiles others defy all logic and live beyond the age of man.
I love baby photos. They are a delight in any generation. Back in the early 1900s, boy babies wore dresses just like the girls did.

Thus, we see Henry T. Eames in 1917 hanging onto his baby buggy. Too bad, he closed his eyes.  He lived to a ripe old age of 86.

Frankly, for myself, I don't want to live that long but I do have longevity in my family lines and it would be just my luck to live past 80.


Paulette said...

Love the story and the photos.

lvroftiques said...

She was a beautiful child. How sad that she died so young. And Henry T Eames was adorable too. I just love these old baby pictures. I have a portrait of my Grandmother in 1912 when she was 14 and it's one of my most prized posessions. Vanna/your newest follower

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