Saturday, February 28, 2015

Time for Some New Stones

I fell in love with this stone the moment I saw it last year at the Tucson Gem Show. It is called Clinochlore (Seraphinite) and is mined in Russian.

A deep sapphire agate with fresh water pearl and Swarovski crystals all wired in silver.

 This gorgeous Labradorite stone 31x59 mm speaks for itself. The colors are mesmerizing and just what the doctor ordered to brighten up a color winter.

They can be found on my Etsy shop:


Linda Kay said...

Ruth, these are all lovely stones and so beautifully mounted. I have one that I adore, and it has a natural brown and gold that looks like a desert scene. Have a happy weekend.

Mari said...

They are gorgeous I must say.

Ginny said...

Each one is beautiful!! I have an unset Seraphinite! It is also called Angels Wing because of the feathery pattern. Especially if you cut it in that shape. I love going to gem shows!

Barb said...

Ruth, I have a friend (a jewelry maker) who lives in Tucson and attends that gem show. Those are beautiful stones in lovely settings.

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