Sunday, February 1, 2015

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

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1. Sweet tooth

Chocolate anything - the darker the better.

2. Number

Seven candles and two horses.

3. Keepsake

My tablecloth from my cruise to Mexico. I wasn't even looking for a tablecloth but fell in love with it.

 4. I made this

One of the first wired pendants that I made and sold.

5. Saturday Morning

If I have any clothes on the bed, Abby makes herself comfortable and including my clothes.


Ginny said...

Abby is beautiful!!! I don't remember seeing her before, but then my memory has been getting worse. Your jewelry is so pretty, this one would be perfect for Valentine's Day. Oh my goodness, this church up into the mountains is amazing!! And so is the scenery. You went all the way up there, it must have been a dreadful climb! I'm afraid I would have to charter a helicopter, and then throw up. Oh gosh this view is amazing.

Chandra said...

Hi Ruth,
Abby is gorgeous! For us, it is tough to wear black clothing - period. The cats love to put hair on them.
Happy Sunday!
Peace :)

Michelle said...

Abby is a beauty of a cat.

retriever said...

Lovely cat, Nice shots, see you!
Have a nice week.

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