Monday, January 7, 2013

Did I Hint at a ShipBoard Romance?

Hank was the widower from Long Island, NY
who had those twinkling blue eyes.
He was at our dinner table the first night
and from that point onward, he became a
dinner companion and partial dance
partner every evening.
 He was my first flirtation.

Mick liked to dance almost as much as me. He was a
very tall big man who was always smiling and
dancing. He was a delight to get to know.

Annette was scheduled to be my first room mate but
she got married two weeks before the cruise and was able to get her husband on the ship.

This was my wonderful roommate Sandy who was 
just like my younger sister that I never had.
She and I talked every night and giggled
like two teenagers (at our age no less!)

Dennis disappeared for most of the day
 as we left Cabo San Lucas.
That was when we became a three-some
and Hank moved right over to Sandy
and stopped dancing with me. 
(Of all the nerve!)

We found a smokeless bar with canned
music and Hank took Sandy right
out to the dance floor leaving me
standing by myself.  

That was when I saw him, my Adonis
was sitting there at the bar that looked out onto
the dance floor.  He was dressed like a
pro dancer like Tony or Maksim from
Dancing with the Stars
so  I brazenly sat 
next to him.
I asked him if he were a pro dancer
and cougar within me roared
because he looked like he was 45.
He said he'd never had time to
learn to dance - always working.
So I asked him if he wanted to learn
to dance because I have danced my
whole life so I dragged him onto
the dance floor.

I'll tell you more in my next post.

I am joining in on 52 weeks of
happy with Ramblings of a Roachling
where we post 4 photos each week
that made us smile.  


NanaDiana said...

Ruth- Well, you naughty girl! I knew there was another side to you that I liked! Can't wait to hear more~lol xo Diana

Phoebes World said...

Ohhhh....I hate cliff hangers, I cant wait to hear the next episode. Love it
Phoebe x

Jo said...

Can't wait to hear the next instalment.

Jane and Chris said...

You just love to torture us!
Jane x

Ginny said...

I can't wait to hear more!

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