Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pool Players

 Hobby Lobby displayed these decorations.

Grandpa had the only store in Elba.  It was a tall two story red brick building built in 1890. Behind the counter in the middle of the store, were two pool tables. It was a quarter a game. When I was 10, I learned to skate going round and round those pool tables.  Even better, I learned to play a mean game of 8 ball.  


Cranberry Morning said...

And wasn't it fun skating on those old hardwood floors! We had friends who owned an old hotel. We loved running up and down those halls and playing on the huge porch.

Paulette said...

Seems like your relatives on your mothers side were a lot more fun. All we had was Sunday afternoon picnics with the relatives from Chicago and everyone calling my name to do something. No pool tables or skates.

Jo said...

I've never quite got the hang of pool, though I used to be able to roller skate quite well.

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