Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Downtown Salt Lake City

 Old historic ZCMI front was kept intact while the interior has been completely rebuilt by Macy's that will open in March of 2012.

Old historic clock on Main Street.

I walked from the Salt Palace Convention Center to Main Street and on the way took a walking tour of the part of City Creek complex which has been completed. It is a major revamping and rebuilding of one Salt Lake City block.

 A tribute to the seagulls who gobbled up the black crickets saving the crops of the pioneers so that they did not starve to death.

 Two fountains flowing on February 4. Hello, it's still winter but where is the snow?

New sign "City Creek" on the new walkways next to the fountains.
Temple square across the street from City Creek complex.

Wasatch Mountains which are the western part of the Rocky Mountains.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely Beautiful!!
Have a Great Day!!

Paulette said...

Love seeing the photos.

Jo said...

Those mountains are stunning.

Anne said...

It looks so beautiful Ruth, I have never seen many photos of Salt Lake but am surprised how stunning it is.I love the bird memorial, wonderful!

Sweet Old Vintage said...

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Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

I'm not sure if you read answers on other blogs, so I'm just going to answer here: Zazen is a meditation practice in which you try to stay concentrated.

And what a nice walk you had! I just loooove the picture of the mountains, so beautiful!


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