Friday, February 10, 2012

Bumble Bee Grandpa

Alonzo Knight was called
the Bumble Bee Grandpa.
He had beehives and
harvested honey.
Circa 1903

In this photo standing behind him
was my great great grandmother
Catherine Meguire Knight
and sitting on Alonzo's lap
was his grandson Horace.

Alonzo was from 
Marlo, New Hampshire
and Catherine Meguire 
was from Bart, Pennsylvania.
In separate wagon trains,
they crossed the plains.
They met at Fort Union,
Utah and married. 
They settled in a farming 
 called Plain City. 
Out of their 11 children
7 survived. 

When Alonzo took his wife Catherine
 to the endowment house in Salt
Lake City to have their marriage sealed
 for eternity, he was asked to
take Martha Sanders Allred as
a second wife. 

Martha had been 
married to Reddin Allred who
already had several wives.
Reddin was sent to Hawaii
on a mission.  His family 
abandoned Martha even though 
she was pregnant.  She sought
for a divorce and was granted one.
Therefore, when Alonzo married her,
he adopted her unborn child.
Alonzo and Martha had 8 children
plus their adopted daughter.
Alonzo had 20 children.

When they started putting
polygamists in jail, Alonzo
built a new home across
the Weber River for Martha.
He would ride over on his
white horse to see her 
and his children.
Some grandchildren of
Martha's were jealous of
Catherine the first wife
but what they didn't know
was that she went blind
when she was about 50 years
old and needed more
attention. She had been thrown
from a buggy when
they were first married
and the blow to her
head caused years of
headaches until the
time that it caused her
to go blind. 


Heidi said...

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Jo said...

You've found such a lot of information about your ancestors, really interesting.

Paulette said...

Another very interesting story about yor ancestors.

Christy said...

What an incredible story. I've been interested in genealogy lately since I've been working on my application for the DAR and gathering tons of information on my ancestors. I'm your newest linky follower! Christy @ 11MagnoliaLane

polkadotpeticoat said...

What a fascinating story and what a huge heart he had...I must say, Thats one area I don't care to share and I always find it mind boggling to me the ones that do share a hubby and seem quite happy!

So you lived in Anchorage when? Did you like it?
I live in Kasilof down on the Kenai Peninsula .

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