Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lovers Point

Remember that movie with Doris Day about a glass bottom boat. Well, apparently, there was a family who for over 40 years ran a glass bottom boat business in Monterey but as many things do, they run their course and disappear leaving only warm fuzzy memories.

Anyone for surfing - in a wet suit? My teeth just chatter thinking of going into that freezing cold water.
Only four surfers were brave enough today but after all, they had to dodge rocks and turn at just the right moment before crashing into the rocks.  Definitely not beginner surfing!

 Strange looking trees - they seem to grow everywhere here.
Still trying to figure out what to wear - too warm for my winter coat but just a bit chilly for just a jacket.  Perhaps, I need a scarf wrapped around my neck to keep me warm.


Jo said...

That water looks so inviting, how looks can be deceptive.

Marilyn said...

Beautiful but COLD ! !
My Wish for you & yours is Good Health & Happiness for the New Year !!

Anne said...

The scenery looks stunning Ruth, cant believe it can be so cold. Frank Sinatra sang a song about Monteray, wonder if its one and the same? Hope you are enjoying yourself.

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