Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gift from DUP

I came home with a very colorful handmade pin cushion with a sleeve for small scissors and whatnots. A vibrant pink gadget that attaches to your blouse and scissors so that they are constantly with you for sewing projects. It has a long drawstring that coils back into the pink gadget after you are through using the scissors.
 A felt holder for needles, safety pins ,etc.
Inside of the felt holder.


Anne said...

Some lovely things you got there Ruth.
Thank you for the lovely comments on my blog.
Poppadums are an indian accompaniment to a meal, cant really think how to describe them, you might get an idea if you google it but trust me they are fab with the pickle tray! love Anne

Paulette said...

Very nice gifts you received from your party. They look handmade which is always a nice touch.

Jo said...

What wonderful gifts. Handy and practical too.

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