Friday, December 9, 2011

Goofy Things that We Do

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I have to say that I did an off the wall and thoroughly unthinking goof off yesterday.  I wrapped a gift for my cousin, labeled a bubble wrap mailer and was getting ready to insert the box into the mailer when I discovered to my utter amazement that the box was too big for the mailer.  Duh! Where did my brain go?

My dad used to say "goofy" often.  It is not a term that I use but just thinking about it reminds me of my dad.  He always had a joke to tell and knew how to cheer miss sour puss. Music was his life; he had his own combo in Chicago.
He was a pretty cute kid too.
Richard, circa 1922
Circa 1922


Paulette said...

I remember Richard playing the accordion in Aunt Stella's and Aunt Vic's living room and in the yard during family gatherings. Oh what fun we had. Nice memory.

Cranberry Morning said...

Nice photos of your dad. I have two old accordians here. One is an old, beautiful Italian accordian that doesn't work but looks nice sitting out. The other is one I drag out now and then when the grandkids are here. Last time I played, one of the little ones clapped his hands over his ears and ran upstairs to try to get away from the sound. :-(

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