Friday, June 15, 2012

June 15 - Little Bliss List

I am connecting the the Little Bliss List Party at Liv Lane's blog site. I am a total fan of this bliss list since it makes me really think about all the good things in my life.

1.  Tis blissful to have a migraine-free week.

2.  Tis blissful to have a magnificent blue sky to gaze at 80% of the year. As you can see, there is very little snow left in the cracks of the mountains and they are green. Much of that green will turn to a yellow as the hot dry summer kicks in.

There was just enough wind that day for the two beautiful American flags to show their full colors. Can you find the 2nd flag?

3. Tis blissful to own my own washer and dryer because when I was a teenager, we always spent our Saturday's at the laundromat washing and drying our clothes for the week. 

Monday was wash day at my grandma Clarissas and Tuesday was ironing day.  I learned to iron pillow cases, hankies and the easy parts while listening to the Creeking Door on the radio.

4. Tis blissful to swim in the outdoor pool during my 9 AM water aerobics class. The view of the blue sky next to the mountains is spectacular. The fresh morning air is crisp, clear and free of pollutants.

5. Tis blissful to find several photographs in my mother's photo album which were dated to help me correct a paragraph in my 2nd book which I hope to finish this year after my trip to Poland.

Twas my birthday and not my brother Fred's birthday (he's the one with the blonde blonde hair). I am the one next to the cake with my hands under my chin. All the kids in Elba came to my party.

Sent to me by my grandmother Stella from Illinois - a set of building blocks:


Ginny said...

The first picture is beautiful and yes, I did find the second flag! You live in Utah? The mountains are so beautiful! We are surrounded by mountains, too, and I always feel so protected by them. I cannot help but think of the majestic ways of God every time I look up at them. The picture of you behind your birthday cake is so sweet, you truly have a look of expectancy on your sweet little face. Is that YOUR pool?? You are going to Poland, how exciting, how long will you be there? Is that where your family is from?

Anne said...

Hi Ruth, some lovely photos there.I do envy you your blue skies and being able to swim outdoors.We are having awful weather here, rain, rain and more rain!

Michele Bergh said...

What a great week you had. I love that you were migraine free and the blue skies and blue pool are beautiful!

NanaDiana said...

Tis blissful to read all the fun things about you and your life- xo Diana ps. LOVE that picture of you with the blocks-

Jo said...

I love the birthday party photo, you look so excited in it. Your grandson must take after your brother with his blonde hair.

Lindsay Drya Vanhove said...

Wow such a beautiful place you live! Beautiful mountains, lots of sun, migraine free and a outdoor swimming pool... wowie! Found the second flag, btw. :) Have a nice weekend!

Tori Beveridge said...

Love your pictures, especially the birthday celebration. You look like you can hardly wait to get to the cake. I hope you have another bliss filled and migraine free week.


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