Monday, June 4, 2012

Death of a Tree

This used to be a large globe willow tree. Last year one third of the tree fell into my yard. My neighbor then took down the little short fence that had separated our yards.  Now we have no fencing at all between the three of us. We all get along and his children stay in their yard so it works well - no fencing. Who in this day and age can say that they have property with no fencing?

Last fall the 2nd third of the tree fell again into my yard.  This year it is drooping into my neighbors yard and from this spring the top of the tree split and fell.

If you look closely, you can see the split in the middle of the tree. Perhaps it will wait until the fall storms to just keel over it's last third of its life.


Paulette said...

Trees provide shade and the leaves of the tree create a nice breeze, maybe this tree will keep standing.

Cherry's Prairie Primitives said...

How sad poor tree

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