Saturday, January 21, 2017


Here we are in the middle of winter and the birds are still around. That puzzles me because I thought they all flew south when snow hit and stayed on the ground and yet, last week a small group of robins were roaming around my backyard. The magpies never go away, they fly from the pine tree in my neighbors yard in the back to my neighbors pine tree two houses west. Yesterday, I heard a pounding that sounded like someone was hammering a nail into wood so I go to my backyard windows to see a bird hammering away at my house. Then there is the coo cooing all day long by a lost pigeon.  What's up?


monique carnat said...

superbes ces hautes tours d'immeubles embellies par les reflets du ciel * et les oiseaux que tu décris sont aussi restés ici en hiver * et ils ont même droit à des "plats du jour" que je concocte pour eux car les températures tombent la nuit à - 10 °C!
beau dimanche à toi * j'espère que tu pourras me traduire * mon anglais n'est plus au top ;)

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I did hear a story a few days ago that some birds don't migrate any more.. wonder if it has something to do with climate change? The best thing about glass fronted buildings is the reflections.. you caught two super reflections here Ruth.

Fun60 said...

That looks like a window onto the sky instead of a reflection.

James said...

Two great reflection photos!

NatureFootstep said...

great reflections. Both visual and thought.
Birds are as confusing as we about weather :(

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