Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Oreo pushed his head inside the tree and was biting it from the inside. He was too big to get inside of it.

Here he is lounging in his favorite spot on the couch.

Can you find the cat? 

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Cranberry Morning said...

Cute cat...and even cuter little girl! :-)

NC Sue said...

Thanks for sharing at

Veronica Lee said...

Such cute photos!

Our guinea pig also named Oreo!

biebkriebels said...

What was he expecting to see in the tree? They always like to explore things.

EG CameraGirl said...

I had to enlarge the third photo to find Oreo. :))

Jan said...

Is he under the pillow? Jx

Linda Kay said...

Oreo knows where to hide out! What a great name for the black and white kitty.

Michelle said...

I confess it is hard to see Oreo!

Chandra said...

Hi Ruth,
Cute Kitty! It took me a while to find Oreo on the couch. Oreo looks very much like our Rambo kitty.
Have a Beautiful Day!
Peace :)

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