Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fences in Warsaw

After two weeks in Poland, and eight days home, the jet lag is finally leaving my head so I can think straight.  We've actually had a couple of rare August rain storms here - unusual for Utah.

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The Royal Łazienki Museum Park was on my first tour in Warsaw. Łazienki literally means baths park or royal baths.

I studied the most important Polish phrases, I thought, before I left for Poland and one was "where is the bathroom" (Gdzie jest Łazienka?) and our guide told me that meant not bathroom but bathhouse or wash room.  I had studied old stuff off youtube. No wonder it was free. 

They actually use toalety which is toilet and WC in the malls and train stations. What I didn't realize was that if I was not in the mall, the hotel or a restaurant, I had to pay to use the toalety. It was someone's job to collect money for those using the bathroom - ugh, not a job I would want.

 This amphitheater was surrounded by statues and fencing. There was a performing group from China practicing for their performance that that very evening for the Festival of the Lanterns.

A corner clip of the royal bathhouse from the Amphitheater.

 Lanterns next to a little stream.
 Chinese lanterns within the Park.

 Anyone for a swan boat ride?
Chinese dancers practicing. We watched a bit of the dancing and music for free and sat on the cement bleachers out of the hot sun.


TexWisGirl said...

oh, congrats on a neat trip! love the fencing you found to share, too! and the lanterns in the park!

Ileana said...

Beautiful photos! All of them! Thanks for stoping by my blog! Have a nice day!

EG CameraGirl said...

What a great place to go! Lucky you!

Ginny said...

The lanterns are very pretty, are you going to the festival? I hate public bathrooms, but sometimes there is no choice.

Chandra said...

Nice trip to Poland, where one of my closest friends is from. I haven't been anywhere, where I have to pay to use the toilet in the US. But, I have seen that in France and in India.

Your fence is a landmark!

Peace :)

Felicia said...

welcome home.

great images. pretty fences

toalety huh??????? lol

Mike @ A Bit About Britain said...

Great pictures, thank you. You have to pay to use some loos in the UK, but not all. The origin of the euphemism "to spend a penny", though, was because you had to put an old penny coin in the doors of public toilets to open them.

orvokki said...

Warsaw is really beautiful city. Your photos are lovely.
Jet lag is terrible, and it take more and more time to recover from that, when you become older (I know that :).

Ida said...

Gosh having to pay to use a bathroom is something else. Love those bright red lanterns. The amphitheater looks neat. Sounds like a wonderful and interesting trip.

Rose said...

I am still looking and enjoying all the pics...just not commenting cause I would only be repeating myself.

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