Friday, February 8, 2013

New Treatment for Migraines

Every other day I am supposed to use the body massage with about five different attachments to help relax the areas that get sore and tight while having a migraine.  

Attachment 1 goes under my chin and I put the vibrator on slow (actually it feels a whole lot better on my sore thigh muscle).

Attachment 2 goes in my mouth and vibrates the insides of my cheeks trying to get them to relax. I am supposed to hum like a monk too. Is this weird or what?

Attachment 3 and 4 I use to vibrate the sinus areas and my right temple.  There is a spot close to my ear that I skip because I am too sensitive to noises.  The base of the neck and shoulders are the next areas. What do you think?


Jane and Chris said...

It's worth a try .Anything is better than drugs.
Jane x

Anne said...

That looks and sounds really weird Ruth but whatever works for you I say go with it. I have found the beta blockers have done the trick for me despite the dr saying there was only a 50% success rate.I must be one of the lucky ones.

Paulette said...

If it works for migraines I say go for it, but I did have a chuckle looking at the photos.

Chatty Crone said...

I think you have bad migraines and I hope they get better.

Ginny said...

What I think is I have never heard of this...did a regular doctor prescribe these things? I sure hope they help you!!

Jan said...

It looks like an instrument of torture - I hope it helps! Jx

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