Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pacific Coastal Views

The last place I would want to be while
driving would be Highway 1 during
a dense fog or storm.

The local TV stations are always showing
this bridge on their weather forecasts.
It drops down to the ocean floor dramatically.
I used a full zoom on my camera
for a closer look at the magnificent ocean.
Just to the south of here is Big Sur - I originally
thought it was a surfing area. Wrong - the area
was named by the Spanish meaning the big
mountain area of the south.

Looking north from the bridge was a cave.

Deer seem to thrive here regardless of
man, his cars and technology.

This deer was visiting next door to the
church on Sunday.

Soon it will be the end of my visit to
Monterey.  It is a bitter sweet feeling
because I will miss the little ones
but my back is killing me and I need
to see my chiropractor. 

Shopping day.

We spent an afternoon at the boardwalk in Santa Cruz.
It was a glorious sunny day with the temperature
at 85 degrees F. The sand was lusciously warm and deep
to walk on.

The coconut grove was next to this old building which was
built in the early 1900s. At least 10 of these resort
areas were built around the same time in the west and one of
them was built next to the Great Salt Lake called "Saltair."
That was back in my grandparent's day - they used
to ride a train out to Saltair and go to dances and
ride roller coasters having a grand ole time.


Liz said...

Those ocean views are amazing!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Anne said...

Your photos are spectacular Ruth. Sorry you are having trouble with your back and you will be glad to get back.
I have to confess the bridge one did give me the heebie jeebies though, the thought of going over that would send me mad!!

NanaDiana said...

What great pictures, Ruth. I know you are already missing those little ones even before you leave. Hope your back does not get too bad. xo Diana

Shopgirl said...

It seems like yesterday that Arney and I drove from the Portland coast all the way to Los Angeles. We took High way one also. It was beautiful. I love the pictures you took. I am with you, I would not want to be on that road in a storm. We spent a few hours at big Sur and bought some things in a shop there for our kids. I should dig out our vacation pictures and share could happen!!! I have a bad back, so I know what you mean about getting home. No matter how nice the ride, or how short the walks, sometimes it just needs to be home. Big Hugs, Mary

June said...

I agree I wouldn't like to drive on that road and that bridge well - I wouldn't want to be on that one during high winds!
Hope your back is better soon.

Jo said...

There's a Saltaire not far from here, just on the outskirts of Bradford. It was named after Sir Titus Salt who built a textile mill and village. It's now a world heritage site. That bridge would scare me half to death, I don't think I would go over it. Enjoy the rest of your visit with your grandbabies, I know you'll cherish every day with them.

Susan said...

Hello Ruth! That little grandbaby is a living DARLING! What a handsome little fella.

I wouldn't drive my car across that bridge or on that road if you paid a million dollars. (Well, maybe for a million I would ha hah a)

So glad you've spent this precious time with your daughter and her family.

Thanks so much for your visits and comments, too. Susan

One bolt short of a toolbox said...

That bridge looks seriously scary!! lol.

Love the blog, just started following.

Jan @Door251

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