Thursday, February 20, 2014

From Boulder to Lake Havasu

Southeast of Boulder Dam

Continuing my journey into Arizona, I thought Lake Havasu would be a great place to stay but I was sadly disappointed.  My dad's cousin Antonina and her husband moved there from California but they did not stay long and in looking at what I saw, I can see why.
 Close to Parker Dam.
 South end of Lake Havasu which looked like a mobile home park built on a hill.

West side of Lake Havasu

Unless you are an avid boatsman or fisherman, there was not much to do there. 

There was, however, a gigantic mall just like you can find in almost any large city in the United States.  I know there are a lot of people who love to shop at the same stores no matter what city and in this day age age, it is possible but I prefer to find a local store with unique items not found elsewhere.

I might say that I am spoiled. I grew up around mountain lakes that were surrounded by trees but many lakes in Utah and Arizona are treeless.


Anne said...

What an adventure!!

Poppy said...

Hi Ruth,

Yes, I can see how this place would be rather challenging to call home. You went. You saw. You left. Probably what most folks do when they visit.

Have a lovely Thursday!


Giga said...

Brakuje mi trochę zieleni wokół pięknych jezior. Pozdrawiam.
I miss the little green around the beautiful lakes. Yours.

orvokki said...

Interestingly, brown landscape. Very different from ours. We also have a lot of trees and lakes (but not the mountains). I like to watch images from different places and yours are nice.

Dawn WeCallItJunkin said...

Your first image is really lovely, with the bluish color at the top!
Dawn @ We Call It
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Hazel Ceej said...

Growing up around mountain lakes with trees must have been wonderful and inspiring. Oh if I could choose...!

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